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Keeping your Peridot happy

  • Game Insight
  • November 19, 2023
  • 2:32 pm

Peridot’s Happiness

Ensuring your Peridot, or Dot, stays happy is key to building a strong connection. To do so, you can check their contentment levels through the Hunger and Attention meters on the home screen.

Keep your Dot satisfied by foraging for food and giving them Dewdrops. Boost their attention by playing games like Fetch, giving them pets, or teaching them cool tricks. Dotnip works wonders for the Attention meter too.

Keeping both meters full not only means a happy Dot but also helps them grow faster. Plus, a cheerful Dot can actively help clear Blight from the world by dazzling Feral Dots.



To discover the array of Tricks your Dot can learn, just tap on their Fullness/Attention meter and scroll down. Keep in mind, some Tricks are only accessible as you reach higher Keeper Levels.

To initiate a Trick, open the Backpack and select the lunchbox. Choose any food item and drag it up to the center circle on the screen. Hold it there until a grid of nine circles appears. Now, move your finger with the food left, right, up, or down over the grid to teach your Dot a specific trick. Once you’ve successfully executed the gesture, reward your Dot by feeding them the treat so they can grasp the Trick!

Track your Dot’s training progress on the Dot details page. It takes a few successful attempts for your Dot to become an expert at a Trick!

Foraging for Food and Feeding Your Dot


Regularly providing meals to your Dot enhances its happiness, allows you to teach them tricks, and even helps fulfill Quests and Desires.

Dots are resourceful in locating food and Toys through foraging in various terrains. Foraging involves your Dot digging into different ground types like concrete, water, grass, foliage, dirt, and sand, resulting in diverse food discoveries. Initiating foraging is as easy as tracing a circle on the ground – your Dot takes care of the rest!

To feed your Dot, access the Backpack and select the Lunchbox. The list there showcases the foods you’ve gathered while foraging. Choose any food, swipe up to toss it to your Dot, and if needed, return the uneaten items to your bag by dragging them to the “X” symbol at the screen’s bottom.

Peridot Fandom Wiki  also has a list of all food available for you to learn more.

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