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To Breed & Hatch Our Dot!

  • Game Insight
  • October 14, 2023
  • 9:16 am

Breeding Steps

Once your dots become adults, find another dot to breed with these four easy ways:

1. Visit the Visitor Dots menu for a random selection

2. Explore habitats for nearby dots

3. Add friends through the Friends menu

4. Use the campfire app to connect with the other players

Afterwards, send a breeding request to the dot’s owner, if accepted, you’ll be notified.

Hatching steps

1. You’ll need a Nest and Sundrops for hatching

– Buy a Nest in the in-game store

– Earn Sundrops by completing daily and weekly quests.

2. Tap Hatch-A-Dot to start the process and select one of three eggs.

-The new dot will inherit random traits from both parents.

NOTE: You cannot breed with your own dots. You can only Hatch-A-Dot with other players’ dots.

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