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5 famous Peridots and its hidden meanings

  • Game Insight
  • October 14, 2023
  • 7:06 am


“The Spark of Life”


“The Moral Compass”


“A name of a boy”


“Journey of new beginning”


“The eternal youth”

In the vast landscape of AR games, one title shines brilliantly for its profound storytelling, captivating characters, and a deep connection to the rich heritage of Latin language and culture. “Peridot” isn’t just an ordinary digital adventure. Join us as we embark on a quest to uncover the hidden meanings behind the Latin-inspired pet names in the world of Peridot.

Vida – “The Spark of Life”

The realm of Peridot commences with the name “Vida,” derived from the Spanish language,  which signifies “life.” In Peridot, “Vida” could represent the vitality that permeates the Peridot universe with its vibrant personality.

Retto: “The Moral Compass”

“Retto” brings a sense of morality to the forefront. Rooted in Latin, “Retto” signifies living a virtuous and ethical life. In Peridot, Retto comes in with a sense of pride and loyalty that captures its Keepers’ attention all day long.

Kee – “A name of a boy”

“Kee” exudes a sense of youthful strength. The character named “Kee” embodies qualities of resilience, boundless energy, and a fearless spirit. In Peridot, Kee’s childlike character will lure a Keeper to spoil them endlessly.

Anza – “Journey of New Beginning”

“Anza” carries the idea of “to begin” or “to start” in Latin. Within the world of Peridot, it may seem shy at first, however, its goofy and playful characteristics are perfect for wandering around fetching balls.

Olo – “The Eternal Youth”

The name “Olo” embodies the spirit of youthfulness. As a Latin suffix, “Olo” signifies a youthful state of being. In Peridot, Keepers are exposed to the character’s curiosity, enthusiasm, and an insatiable desire to explore the wonders of this vibrant world.

As you raise your child in Peridot, remember the meanings behind these names. It is deeper than you may have thought as they are more than mere words; they are the OGs species of the whimsical world.

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